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Letters of supporters

  1. To Everyone Who Loves ART And APPRECIATES ART
    Written by Paul Soderberg
  2. John Soderberg's Support Letter

Letter from John Soderberg

PH.D. John Soderberg
Arizona, USA

As a professional sculptor for over 25 years, I have very strong feelings about the worldwide infringement of fine art by so-called "art pirates." First, I feel that the term "pirates" is not fitting. That term still suggests to some a sense of romance, swashbuckling adventure, etc. That is so far from the truth. These infringers steal not only money, they steal the credit and accomplishment that the artists work a lifetime for, like a skulking vermin-infested hyena steals the defenseless young of other animals. I would like to suggest we refer to these animals in the future as art hyenas.

When one considers the importance of art to a culture, the countless benefits artists have brought to document and improve their world in the realms of the physical, the mental and the spiritual, then those who deliberately weaken the arts by defrauding and preying on artists and collectors are nothing short of despicable. They are cultural criminals, and enemies of civilization.

Finally though, we artists have a champion-a genuine hero has risen to drive off the hyenas and protect us from their greed. Impala Lechner is that hero and I know something of the sacrifices she has made and what it has cost her to stand up for us all. She has benefited her world not only as an artist, but also, through her courage and self-sacrifice she has strengthened the world of art by illuminating the disease that has weakened it, and then pioneering the eradication of that disease. Impala should never have to buy a drink or a meal again, and in a perfect world, she would be receiving the highest cultural award we could give.

I for one would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Impala Lechner for her courage.

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