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Rosalind Cook

Rosalind Cook

an artist and her copyright story


Sculpting is a large part of what defines me as a person. My designs are the expression of my very own imagination, creativity, and conceptualization … things that are uniquely ME. Not only has sculpting been my career, it has brought me great joy because my sculptures touch the lives of others. I have been sculpting professionally for twenty years. Among my public installations are: the headquarters of World Vision, Compassion International, the University of South Alabama, America West Arena, Ronald McDonald Houses, churches, parks, libraries, and shopping centers across the country. For years I have been selling to private collectors as well.
Each of these clients have made an investment in the expression of my uniqueness expressed through my work.

Though every work of mine is registered with the U.S. Copyright office, there are unscrupulous businesses making cheap quality copies, "knockoffs" of my work and the work of other nationally recognized sculptors. These cheap, poor quality knockoffs are flooding the market through websites, furniture stores, high end garden shops, etc. This is not only devastating, a detriment to my business, a very personal violation, but it is illegal!!

We are fighting back through the legal system using personal lawyers, the FBI and Customs protection against these acts of robbery. Those who market these knockoffs in any way will be prosecuted.

To my collectors and clients: If you should see any of these copies of my work, please note WHERE you see them and send me the information of the name and address of those involved. Thank you for joining us in this fight.

You can contact me at:
Rosalind ()


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