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Victor Issa

Victor Issa

an artist and his copyright story


We are a group of well-known international bronze sculptors, facing a great challenge right now.

A recent phenomenon that began quietly a few years ago and seemed to be harmless has turned into an international monster, threatening to devour all the beauty and the heart of the art world.

For many years, thousands of artists like ourselves, have invested their blood, sweat and tears into our creations, agonizing over and analyzing our subject matter, composition, texture, nuance, details and emotion.

You can only imagine the despair we all felt when we first saw a haphazardly, sloppily sculpted exact copy of our concepts, showing up on the world market at far less than we actually pay our foundries for production costs alone. Only to further learn that the companies involved have tentacles all over the world, taking advantage of the lowest labor costs anywhere with no shame, no sense of honor or an ounce of decency.

You say, too bad for you! It's not my problem.

That's what we used to think. We remember first encountering a replica of an old European piece that would show up, and we thought: "Well, I guess the copyright is already expired and there is not much that anyone can do." Little did we realize that within 5 years, the thieves and scoundrels would have the gal to copy living artists' work and do it with impunity; in your face; come and get me if you can; see if I care. They are even blatantly copying world-renowned works of art like "Little Mermaid" the symbol of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Well, the thieves thought that the "starving artists" could never and would never fight back. For a couple of years now, some of us have been fighting back. We are fighting back through the legal system, and we are winning every fight.

But like most evils, these monster leeches will not disappear without the cooperation of the industry at large. This includes artists, production facilities, galleries, museums, art dealers and the patrons. In unity there is incredible strength. Money is not the only object. Unstopped, these parasites will begin to destroy the concept of the beauty, rarity, sensitivity, wonder, and value of original art, all for their own greedy enrichment.

As a result, we are hereby launching a worldwide campaign to inform the public and fight back. You can learn more about the initial work at our new website at:

You can express your support by any and all of the following ways:
  1. Keep us informed of your cases of infringement that you are aware of.
  2. Include references in your publication and PR materials regarding this issue, thus informing your patron base of this parasitic crime.
  3. Contribute financially to the organization's war chest as we fight this global menace.
  4. Support us with connections.

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