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Request for Authenticity - by Karen Y.

We would like to ask if you could verify the authenticity of the attached picture.

The only name we can find on the Lady is Gentellino. This may be a copy however we are unsure.

We are an internet franchise company who has been approached by a retailer to place these items on e-bay however we have seen the comments on the Bronze Artists for Copyright web page.

Your comments would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

Karen Y.



Answer - by Desmond Fountain

Dear Karen Y.,

The work in question is indeed a copyright infringement, an illegal copy.

The people who produced it are regarded as criminals, all who deal with these items are tainted by this fact. You are wise to have researched this.

If you are able to supply us with any further information about the item's origin, it would aid the investigations.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Yours sincerely,
Desmond Fountain

Answer - by Cristina D.

Date: May 20, 2005 14:**:** GMT+01:00
Subject: Bronze copies

Dear Mr Desmond Fountain

As per our phone conversation here is all the information I have got so far.

The company that I have bought the bronzes is "Chief Trading Post" they have an office in london and the name of the person in charge there is Mrs Amanda Tain her phone nº is 0044 1179****** (calling from Portugal)

the person here is Mrs Brigida Francisco Manager for Portugal.

As I told you I have already present charge in the Portuguese Police against these. They told me that if there is already an international investigation then they will act as soon as possible.

I will send you all the pictures as soon I've got them.

The invoice will be sent to you these afternoon by fax.

If there is anything I can do please call me.

I sent an email to Mrs Lechner but she I've told her to contact you about all the details.

kind regards


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