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fake Leonardo Rossi sculpture - by Mary Rockhold


I recently attended an estate auction in Peralta, New Mexico, just south of Albuquerque. This was listed as "Divorce Forces the Urgent, Emergency Public Liquidation of the Dumas Estate", auctioneer Gene Finz. Most of the items sold did not come from this "estate", but were trucked in to the site. There were a large number of "bronzes" advertised as "a museum quality collection of Bronzes, Fountains and Staturary after all the masters Remington, Russell, Moreau, Icart, Davidson, Rossi"

Some of the bronzes were very large. I bid and got a bronze call "Boy and Dog" by Leonardo Rossi. Half way through the auction, a man who had successfully bid on several of the Rossi bronzes questioned Gene Finz about the authenticity of them. Mr. Finz stated they were genuine and he would issue a certificate of authenticity to each purchaser. Mr. Finz was questioned by several people who bid on these statues. He threatened to sue anyone who bid on them and then didn't pay for them, and became quite nasty. I did pay for mine and another statue I bought, reclutently, in order to avoid being sued.

Several other people who successfully bid on these and other statues refused to pay for them or take possession of them, and they were threatened by Mr. Finz that he would take them to court to get his money.

When I got the statues home, I find the paint is coming off of them showing a yellow colored metal beneath. I strongly believe Mr. Finz was selling a large number of fake "sculptures". Have you received any other complaints about this auctioneer?

Thank you.

Mary Rockhold

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