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COPYRIGHT FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - by Melissa F.

Date: October 26, 2005 10:**:** GMT-07:00


Well, I am in the process of opening a booth at a local antique mall. I was trying to research the going prices of some "bronzes" my husband and I picked up (for THOUSANDS!!!!!) at an auction. In the process, I stumbled upon ""

I can tell you (though you probably already know this), there are WAY more artists being pirated than are listed on your site. If you don't believe me, come see my house. I am the angry owner of an "original" Rossi piece. Plus many other pot metal forgeries. Have you heard of "Clarie Colimet" or "Colinet"? I have one of "hers," too. I have a HUGE St. Bernard with a little girl in my front yard. Three fountains in the backyard. Tons of statues in the house. All pot metal forgeries we bought from an auction house here in Las Vegas. My husband is trying to find the name of the auction house now. He was also at the Home Show in Vegas last weekend and saw two rows of these fakes!

I am saddened for the artists who are having their work stolen. I am a writer by profession and I know how it feels to be plagiarized. I am FURIOUS that they are passing these off as real bronzes! If I had been told they were pot metal reproductions, I wouldn't be so angry! But we were LIED to! And now, of course, it is so easy to tell the difference!

They are beautiful... I won't dispute that. And I am sure they are worth what we paid for them (a thousand or two apiece. A bit more for the really big ones). But the fact that we were LIED to and true artists are being robbed is HORRIBLE!!!

What can we do??? These fakes are EVERYWHERE right now!!!

--Melissa F.

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